Company introduction

Khoramdarah Industry and Culture (Agro-industrial) Complex Company is located in an area of 1,262 hectares with three operating units in Khorram Darreh, Abhar, and Tarom City in Zanjan Province. The company’s head office is located in Khoram Darreh city. The direct job creation of this company is 270 employees and is the largest producer of raw milk and a variety of agricultural and gardening products in the west of the country.

Cow farming unit:

The main activity of the company is to farm the dairy cows which is started by entering 400 Holstein heifers from the United States in 1354. The total number of the livestock in this unit is 7300 heads and the number of the dairy cows is 3250 heads, producing 125 tons of industrial raw milk per day. The annual productions of the cow farming unit that enter the sales market include 45,000 tons of raw milk, 1850 stall-fed calves, 800 heifers and 23,000 tons of beef.

Horticultural unit:

The total area of the company’s gardens is 293 hectares, of which 151 hectares are now productive and the rest are the young and non-productive gardens. The main products of the company’s garden include pear, olive, peach, nectarine, walnut, plum and apple. The annual production of the company’s garden products is currently 4,000 tons, which will reach 7,000 tons in the future with the yielding of all the gardens of the company.

Agriculture unit:

618 hectares of the company’s lands are cropped annually. Wheat, barley, rapeseed, alfalfa and forage corn are the main crops of the company. Entire the lands of the company are covered by the modern irrigation directly, which improves the efficiency of water use. The annual production of the agriculture unit is 15,000 tons of various crops.


Quantitative and qualitative expansion is the company’s main strategy to ensure the continuity of activity and production; so that approximately 140 billion rials has been invested in the framework of investment projects to increase the capacity of the livestock unit, the construction and mechanization of gardens and the establishment of modern Irrigation systems in the company from 2011 through 2017. The establishment of a 6000- dairy cow unit, a qualitative expansion and an increase in the level of technology in the cow farming unit and the establishment of the most modern walnut garden of the country with a total area of 170 hectares are among the company’s future plans.